About us

NP of NP Korea stands for Nice Partner.

NP Korea is a company that prioritizes safety in the industrial field.
Our company has 30 years of experience and have accumulated technology in the environmental field.

Our company promotes safety-related businesses with international safety-related distributors such as New Pig, an American company specializing in absorption cloths as well as PHC, a world-class safety knife company.

At the same time, we signed an exclusive contract with a large U.S. mining company to manufacture and export cosmetics with natural minerals needed in various fields.
And our company has made a great achievement by exporting to the U.S.
a disinfectant product using natural substances extracted from Kimchi, the first Korean traditional food developed by the Korean government.

In addition, we promote ourselves with an attitude that is committed to the safety of our customers. We are always striving to create a safe industrial culture at home and abroad.

As a result of these efforts, we have been recognized as a supplier of distinguished products from numerous customers and markets. In particular, we continue to supply high-quality products to leading domestic and foreign companies, government agencies, universities, and government offices.

Our company will continue to strive to develop the best products to exceed your expectations.

Thank you