The start was weak. The process was painful.

However, with a sincere heart, we were together giving thanks every day. Now we have started the first step toward becoming a global company, and as a result of the love from our customers, we thankfully offer our greetings.

To our beloved customers who actively research and supply essential products to consumers in a world where all living environments and cultures of life are changing due to the infectious coronavirus COVID-19, we sincerely thank you.

We at NP Korea will approach as a company that fulfills our responsibility of safeguarding the health and safety of our customers by the lessons we have learned from our past trials and experiences. Our corporate philosophy is pursuing a spirit of richness and happiness together in order to think and share together.

Our executives and employees want to take the lead in product development and distribution by contributing to the role of enjoying personal improvement and quality of life in the industrial sector. In addition, we have an established American subsidiary in the United States — the world’s leading consumer market — to promote products made in the proud motherland of Korea.

We sincerely hope that you will always lead a life of happiness with a good friend, a Nice Partner, and we as a company will strive to become the greatest in the world.
Despite the little things, we will live with preciousness and gratitude.

Thank you.

Transparent management

Always a good friend! Nice partner pursues transparent management through “open management”.
By disclosing company information to employees, we are expanding our understanding of management and enabling employees to develop their own development based on their own. Through transparent management, NP. Korea will become a company that can grow together with both management and employees.

Proper management

Always a good friend! NP. Korea pursues fair and honest management with “quality management” as its management ideology. When dealing with customers, we will pursue mutual development with honesty, fair trade with our partners, fair competition with our competitors, and fulfill our responsibilities and obligations in society.

World management

Always a good friend! NP. Korea pursues “world management” to become a global company.
We will become a company that can actively cope with environmental changes through globalization of management strategy and establish a new level of management strategy as a way to overcome the limitations of Korea’s economic growth.