With 30 years of experience in the environmental field and accumulated technology, we will continue to move forward without stopping.

2011 ~ 2014

Company establishment and corporate registration
Newpig, Bradley Agreement


Signed supply contract with Lakeland


Korea's first proprietary supply of patent toboard
(Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power New Technology Product Registration)
Signing a domestic monopoly with Comemtech, the world's third PTFE film development company
KF94, 80 Mask Establishment of Domestic Factory (JinCheon) Signing a Multi-Mask Exclusive Agreement with Taiwan's Winresp Corp.
Development of fire spray protection gun (NP –Tex 1000: First development in Korea to prevent durability of 1600°C)


Korea Highway Corporation and Local Autonomous Entities,
Supplying adsorbent to oil refineries (Hyundai, S-OIL, etc.)
Kim Yong-shin, CEO of NP Korea Co., Ltd., took office and took over.


NP sorbent development
Supplied safety products to Lotte E&C, Shinsegae E&C, and Samsung C&T


Collaboration with the National Institute of Biological Resources
Obtaining exclusive rights to sell VIBAC Clean overseas
NP KOREA USA U.S. Corporate Establishment

We keep going

Growth rate 90%
market share 92%
Confidence 100%